Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Allergies and Air Purifiers

Studies show that the air inside of your home contains more harmful substances than the air outside. Breathing such contaminants will contribute to such health problems as allergies, asthma, bronchitis, migraine headaches, lung disorders etc... By cleaning the air you breathe, using an air purifier, you can effectivly remove contaminants from the air before they enter your lungs.

Placing air purifiers in key areas of your house is essential to staving off alleric reactions. Your bedroom is a major key area. It is not uncommon for allergy sufferers experience attacks in the middle of the night. This is because your respiratory system relaxes during sleep. Because of this relaxation, you become more susspetable to allergic attacks, and they also become more traumatic. It is recommended to keep an air purifier running in your bedroom 24 hours a day with the door closed. In order to survive the daytime during allergy season, you need to sleep in the cleanest environment possible.

Placing air purifiers in other areas your family spends a lot of time in is the next step. Make certain you obtain an air purifier that is large enough to cover the space, and be sure to get the right kind of air purifier. For instance, if you like to grill indoors regularly, it is best you purchase an air purifier for your kitchen that will absorb chemicals. How do I choose the right Air Purifier for me? Well, it certainly helps to know what casues your allergic reactions. The majority of allergy doctors recommend HEPA allergy air purifiers. HEPA means High Energy Particulate Arresting. In lamens terms, that means it sucks up the particles flying around in the air. The best HEPA Air Purifiers have 5-10 year warranties on the machines themselves. HEPA filters have to be changed. Take notice when discarding one. You’ll be thankful you didn’t breathe it in!

Other types of allergy air purifiers use ionization or electro-static technology to attract the particals. While these can be helpful the HEPA air purifier is hands down the best way get the majority of pollutants and toxins out of your air. Stay away from air purifiers that use on ozone generation technology. Consumer Reports says "ozone generators should not be where people are." These air purifiers are fine for industry, but not for people.

It is also enormously helpful if air purifiers you choose have enough activated carbon to absorb gases and odors. Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), paint fumes, formaldehyde outgassing, ozone etc. can be absorbed along with particulates such as pollen.

Purchase high quality air purifiers to clean your home and mark your calendar so you remember to change the filters. Some air purifiers will have an indicator light to remind you when a filter needs to be changed, but not all of them do. The main thing is to change them on time, every time!

Choosing an Air Purifier

So let's face it - indoor air pollution occurs in virtually all buildings and homes. As a counter measure, Hunter has developed a line of affordable "Whisper Quiet" QuietFlo™ Air Purifiers. These air purifiers offer a programmable Hepa Air Cleaner that allows you to set when and how long it will operate. The Hunter® QuietFlo™ has a digital filter change reminder and is effective at capturing 99.97% airborne particles. The popular slimline styling allows their air cleaners to be placed flush against a wall or in the corner. If you are on a budget, look to the value priced Hunter HEPAtech® Air Purifiers.

HEPA filtration technology was originally developed by the US Atomic Energy Commission to filter our radioactive "dust" and materials from the air. Unlike many airpurifiers, once particles are "captured" by a HEPA air purifier, they are not released back into the air. HEPA air purifiers will lose their efficiency over time, but do run the risk of clogging.

Choosing an air purifier that utilizes a pre-filter, such as a Hunter HEPAtech or IQ Air Healthpro is highly recommended. A pre-filter removes larger particles (1 micron and larger) before they reach the HEPA filter, ultimately extending the life of the purifier. Most HEPA filters will last up to 2-5 years under normal conditions.

IQ Air makes the most effective and efficient air purifiers on the market due to their patented Hyper-HEPA technology. It you can believe it, this tcleans the air better then the highly recommended HEPA Air Purifier. IQ Air's Healthpro and Healthpro Plus HEPA air purifiers have some of the only filters that meet stringent standards set by the Swiss Government. IQ Air has assessed the difficult situation of clearing the air of volatile gases and cigarette smoke. Their line of industrial strength air cleaner purifiers is worth every penny for the purest air possible.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Water Towable Ski Tubes

A towable ski tube is basically an inner tube with handles and a connection for a tow line. The inner tube (sometimes called a bladder) is generally constructed of a strong PVC material. Higher quality tubes feature nylon covers to provide protection for the tube. It really is worth the extra couple of bucks to get a covered tube.

The ski tube is attached to a nylon ski tube tow rope that will float in the water. Children should be towed with a shorter rope to prevent them from gaining excess speed when moving back and forth across the boat's wake. (Never tow with a rope shorter than 20 feet. This helps to reduce the riders' carbon monoxide exposure from the boat's exhaust.)

This nylon rope is connected to a boat with a water ski towing cleat or harness. To install a tow harness secure two closed hooks to your transom tie-down eyes and the harness will form a "Y" behind your boat. Hook the tow rope to the center of the "Y". Harnesses are also made of nylon. They have a built in float which prevents then from sinking and remain clear of the propeller.

If your boat does not already have a water ski towing cleat you can add one. It is imperative that installation of a towing cleat be in the correct spot on your boat. I suggest contacting the manufacturer of your boat before installation to ensure correct placement.

Types of Ski Tubes

SINGLE RIDER TUBE: Single rider tubes can only hold one rider at a time and are usually high performance models. A single rider ski tube is ideal for tricks, jumps, flying, and high speed as they are much more maneuverable. Single rider tubes are perfect for towing behind jet skis. In addition to being more affordable and easier to store, single rider tubes can use standard strength towing lines and harnesses.

MULTI-RIDER TUBE: Multi-rider ski tubes hold from 2-6 people. Multi-rider ski tube towables are an excellent choice for families or groups of small children. Multi-rider ski tube towables are big, heavy and fairly slow in the water. They should only be used with a heavy duty tow line and harness. Take caution and make sure you adhere to weight limits and stress limitations on all equipment or your tow line might snap and whip the riders, causing serious injury. Multi-rider ski tubes are more expensive and harder to store due to their size.

STANDARD TUBE DESIGN: A standard ski tube is comparable to a large inflatable inner tube. Passengers have a choice of laying across the top of the ski tub on their tummies, sitting in the hole or on top of the tube with their feet in the hole. Standard ski tubes come in both single and multi-rider models.

DECK TUBE: A deck tube is flat and looks like an inflatable mattress. When riding a deck tube towable, you would lie on your stomach and hold on to the handles. This gives the rider a greater perception of speed because their face is forced to be closer to the water. Deck towable tubes offer the best high performance features.

RIDE IN TUBE: A ride in ski tube is much like a raft. Riders sit on a seat or on the floor, with sides surrounding them.

CONCEPT TUBES: Other fun water tube designs include stand-up chariots, inflatable kneeboards, ride-on-top jet skis, hydrofoil boats and multi-rider hot dogs.

For more information on Towable Ski Tube safety, mantainance and other common questoins, visit and read Ski Tube 101

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The New Earthlite Avalon Portable Massage Table

People are taking notice as Earthlite has given a new look to their old favorite, The Avalon Portable Massage Table. This workhorse has gotten a face lift, sporting dual ended headrest outlets and a Reiki Endplate on one side for easy client access.

I have received a massage on this table - and it is enough to put anyone into dreamland. Plush, soft to the touch, sturdy and quite handsome. I was so impressed, I checked out the table while I was left to relax a bit after the rub-down had concluded. This baby is decked out!!!

Sure grip knobs for easy height adjustment. Soft, padded handles that would surely save your hand if you had to port the table. The deluxe adjustable headrest is amazing - it adjusts to any position needed. I took a look under the table and saw velcroe strips to secure the headrest to when the table is folded, and there was a nifty design there too. The cutouts help reduce the weight of the table while keeping the stability in tact. Pure genious!

This is one of the most comfortable massage tables I have ever experienced! Try the Avalon Package to receive the Deluxe adjustable headrest and a Carry Case!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Outdoor Patio Furniture

There are three main constructs of outdoor furniture to choose from: synthetic resins (like Kettler or Versailles), metal (like the Kettler Wrought Iron Furniture) and wood (like Old Adirondack Furniture).

Synthetic resin furniture is quite popular these days because the price is reasonable and it's easily maintained. In addition to these factors, they provide a durable, comfortable and convenient solution for your outdoor patio furniture needs. However, synthetic resin chairs are not as sturday as their metal counterparts. Because of this, it is strongly recommended to place this style of furniture on completely solid surfaces. (They are great to place around the pool.) Maintenance is a breeze as those that don't fold will stack well. In order to keep your resin furniture looking new, we suggest applying a resin furniture wax at the beginning and about mid-season. Tip: Avoid using commercial cleaners and scouring powders. Use only resin cleaners.

Metal furniture provides superior durability and comfort and comes in tubular or cast models. Tubular furniture is made of metal, aluminum or treated metal (galvanized or galvalum steel) tubes and is the more popular of the two. Aluminum and treated metal tend to resist corrosion quite effectively. Treated metal tubes are quite solid and heavier than aluminum. Tubular metal chairs are typically stackable and easy to store. Cast metal furniture is incredibly beautiful and offers optimum comfort. Considered to be top of the line; the price is definitly higher. This furniture is rather heavy and more fragile than tubular models. As they are not foldable this patio furniture requires more storage space.

Wood patio furniture is generally made of cedar, mahogany, teak or other exotic breeds. It offers a unique rustic charm to your outdoor décor. Wood furniture does more maintenance and space, but the sheer beauty makes up for it. For protection regularly apply Teck oil, stain or varnish.Molding compounds and resins are industrial plastics and polymers that are suitable for forming. They are used in processes such as injection molding, compression molding, reaction injection molding (RIM), resin transfer molding (RTM), and blow molding. Thermally conductive products are applied between a heat-generating electrical device and a heat sink. Dampening products form layers that can bend or flex without cracking or delaminating.

Kettler® Outdoor White Resin Patio Tables and Chairs are quality Resin Furniture that is designed to withstand the elements. Made in Germany out of a special white poly resin, Kettler® Furniture will not yellow or crack with time. Compact, comfortable and easily folded for storage, Kettler® Outdoor Patio Furniture makes the perfect white resin lawn chair and outdoor white resin lounge chair that will keep your guests comfortable for the poolside party or backyard barbeque. Kettler® Patio Furniture even makes a handy White Resin Patio Serving Cart and plenty of storage space for your Kettler White Resin Patio Furniture Cushion Storage Box.

Kettler wrought iron garden furniture is made to the highest possible standards using the most sophisticated manufacturing processes. Each piece of Kettler garden furniture is formed of high-quality steel, before being given Kettler's high-tech sinter-coating process that makes every surface weather resistant.

Any vision of American outdoor style includes classic Adirondack cedar furniture. This icon originates in the great North East woodlands of the U.S. and travels to every corner of our country. Rustic, yet refined furniture lines are found lakeside, poolside and in every backyard. Superb weathering charactristics of natural Northern White Cedar Furniture develop a soft gray weathered look of centuries past within a year in most climates. Old Adirondack cedar furniture gives any home a sense of tradition and history.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Wooden Swing Sets

Gorilla™ ready-to-assemble wooden swing sets are designed for the customer who wants to buy today and assemble this afternoon. Pre-boxed and ready to assemble, these economic wooden swing sets are in high demand. The use of T-nut construction makes home assembly of these swing set kits simple and safe using common household tools. Gorilla™ swing sets include pre-cut, pre-sanded and pre-drilled lumber as well as all the required hardware, accessories and step by step 3-D instructions to asemble the unit.

These wooden swingsets come standard as shown, and are designed with a child's safety in mind while providing a challenging recreational setting. All of the Gorilla™ wooden swing sets are constructed with arsenic-free ACQ® Preserve Pine (100% California Redwood in the Congo series). Far surpassing their competitors, Gorilla™ is committed to stability, longevity and safety. That's why they incorporate solid framing with heavy-duty swing belts, components and slides. This makes Gorilla™ swingsets extremely heavy duty and consequently the best-valued pre-milled kit in the marketplace.

Gorilla™ uses 20 oz. heavy-weight marine-grade vinyl for their canopies. They are UV protected, anti-mildew treated and crack resistant to -20° F. Stainless steel snaps or brass grommets make the canopy easy to remove and clean.

The wood roofs on Gorilla™ playsets are factory stained and sealed cedar lumber. Using the tongue in groove (interlocking shingles) tecnique makes installation a breeze and gives the playset a beautiful appearance.

Gorilla™ uses premium select ACQ® treated southern yellow pine or factory stained and sealed redwood. No cutting or sanding. Assembles in up to 70% less time than playsets without premilled lumber!

ACQ Preserve® treated southern yellow Pine is premium grade and double kiln dried. ACQ Preserve® Treated Southern Yellow Pine is pressure treated with ACQ®, an environmentally advanced formulation that is arsenic and chromium free. The ACQ® Preservative system provides long-term protection from rot, decay and termites without the use of any EPA listed hazardous chemicals. The main ingredient in ACQ® is copper, which has long been established as an effective preservative component used in timber preservation. Quat acts as the co-biocide in the ACQ® preservative, providing additional protection from fungi and insect attack that copper alone would not control. Quats are commonly used and are biodegradable in soil. Gorilla Playsets™ provides a Lifetime Warranty on ACQ® to the original owner. California Redwood is a natural alternative to pressure-treated lumber. Redwood naturally resists decay caused by the environment or by insect infestation. California Redwood does require annual sealing to maintain its aesthetic appeal. Gorilla Playsets™ provide a 10-year warranty on Redwood to the original owner. The California Redwood is hand selected. All lumber is strong and durable and conforms to the national standards for use in children’s play equipment. All Redwood playsets come pre-sealed.

Many of Gorilla™ playsets use poly coated wooden beams for a maintenance-free, splinter-free, and weather resistant alternative. These beams use an SPF grade Fir lumber that is protected from dry rot and termites throughout. Poly coating is UV stabilized and will not fade in sunlight.

Gorilla™ slides are said to be the best available. The slides feature the widest bed and the highest sides for maximum safety and enjoyment. Also available are other fantastic slides such as 360 degree spiral slides, spiral tube slides, and scoop slides that can fit a 7’ deck height. Gorilla™ uses a one-piece injection molded, or rotomolded, design with UV inhibitors to prevent heating and fading in direct sunlight. They do not require any additional wood framing for support.

Only 5/16” diameter and 3/8” diameter hardware is used on these playsets for maximum strength and stability. Galvanized wood screws are used for some non-structural components instead of nails that can rust and/or work their way loose over time.

Gorilla™ playsets, Ready to Assemble wooden swing sets and accessories are extremely sturdy, so your children will not be at risk while playing. Swing belts are made of heavy duty polyethylene with reinforced nylon grommets and UV protectant with powder coated chains.

Gorilla™ makes your swing set building experience quick and simple. For single swing beam units a one piece, heavy gauge steel swing beam bracketing system is used with a rigid 4 x 6 swing beam and 4 x 4 swing legs. This is just one of the many features that make Gorilla playsets easy to build.

Gorilla™ insists on angled ladders with flat wide steps which is far safer then traditional vertical dowel and rung ladders. All Gorilla™ play systems, add-ons, and accessories are designed to meet ASTM standards and specifications. Just another way that Gorilla playsets are looking out for the safety of you and your loved ones.

Plan-it Play offers "do-it-yourself" wooden playset kits that are easy to assemble. All kits include everything you need (except lumber) to build your own professional-looking wooden playset with little or no carpentry experience. You receive the heavy gauge bolts, screws, swings, swing-hangers, bracketing system and an easy to read set of 3D illustrated step-by-step playset plans. Only standard dimensional lumber is needed (2x4's, 4x4's, 2x6's, etc.), available at any home improvement warehouse or lumber yard. With plenty of wooden playset models, add-ons and slides, accessories and color combinations you can customize and personalize your backyard playground.

Standard Features For All Playset Plans and Kits:

  • Every wooden playset kit is professionally engineered and designed
  • Extra wide ladder steps (2x6's versus dowels and 1" lumber)
  • Solid 4x4 framing with all bolt construction, no nails to work loose or ground anchors needed
  • Hot-dipped galvanized hardware to resist rust and corrosion, all included additional hardware not required
  • Recessed/ countersunk holes to hide hardware and give your playset that factory milled look
  • Non-metal components made from high impact resistant polymers, plastics and marine grade vinyl
  • Easy to read 3D illustrated step-by-step playset plans
  • 'Safety-zones', non-overlapping play areas that can lead to injuries
  • Meets or exceeds every ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) guidelines


  • Patented swingbeam bracketing system (7 gauge steel)
  • Three pair galvanized bolt-thru swing hangers (commercial upgrade available)
  • Three pair of spring clips for easy removal and height adjustment
  • Heavy duty swing belts, buckets, trapeze bars, etc. each with plastisol coated chains giving them a soft pinch free grip

Safety and Maintenance Tips for Your New Playset
  • It is recommended that on site adult supervision for children of all ages be present while playground equipment is in use.
  • Please refrain children from walking close to, in front of, behind or between moving items.
  • Refrain children from twisting swing chains or ropes since this may reduce the strength of these items.
  • Warn children to avoid swinging empty seats.
  • Teach children to sit in center of swings with their full weight on the swing seats.
  • Teach children to use the playground equipment in the intended manner.
  • Teach children not to get off play equipment while still in motion.
  • Parents should make sure children are dressed appropriately. For example; wear well fitting clothing, shoes, avoid ponchos, and scarves or any loose fi tting clothing, which is potentially hazardous while using the playground equipment.
  • Refrain children from climbing on playground equipment when wet.
  • Check all nuts and bolts twice monthly during the usage season for tightness. Tighten as required. It is particularly important to check & tighten bolts at the beginning of each season.
  • Check swings, chains, and slides for cracks or deterioration. Replacement should be made at first sign of deterioration.

Playgrounds should be inspected on a regular basis. If any of the following conditions are noted, they should be removed, corrected or repaired immediately to prevent injuries:

  1. Hardware that is loose or worn, or that has protrusions or projections.
  2. Exposed equipment footings.
  3. Scattered debris, litter, rocks, or tree roots.
  4. Rust and chipped paint on metal components.
  5. Splinters, large crack, and decayed wood components.
  6. Deterioration and corrosion on structural components, which connect to the ground.
  7. Missing or damaged equipment components, such as handholds, guardrails, swing seats.

Playset Surfacing Recommendations: These are some of the recommendations that The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) offers from its Handbook for Public Playground Safety.

Protective Surfacing: Since almost 60% of all injuries are caused by falls to the ground, protective surfacing under and around all playground equipment is the most critical safety factor on playgrounds. Certain manufactured synthetic surfaces also are acceptable; however, test data on shock absorbing performance should be requested from the manufacturer. Asphalt and concrete are unacceptable. They do not have any shock absorbing properties. Similarly, grass and turf should not be used. Their ability to absorb shock during a fall can be reduced considerably through wear and environmental conditions.

National Program for Playground Safety

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Speaking Roses

Just in time for Mother's Day - a unique, beautiful, unforgettable gift that says it all, and exactly how you want to say it...with roses!

Speaking Roses Embossed Printed Roses employs a unique Laser System which brings to life powerful communication through the simple beauty of flowers. Using a novel embossing technology, Speaking Roses provides a wonderfully natural way for you to express your feelings more effectively and tenderly than ever before. A plethora of heartfelt messages, in a variety of colors, can be clearly and beautifully embossed upon the petals of living or silk roses.

Speaking Rose's technology is sure have a tremendous impact the floral marketplace as the perfect way to express emotions or to brand a company or event with Logo Roses. This unparalleled gift will forever change the way people give flowers. A dramatic shift in expressing feelings through floral arrangements will enable Speaking Roses Embossed Roses to be the gift of choice for all special occasions.

By combining the capable memory power of the written message with the emotional response of the wonderful scented rose, Speaking Roses has created the ideal gesture to divulge your feelings. Imagine the look on the faces of your loved ones when they open a 1/2 - 2 dozen roses and see that each and every rose has a special personalized message just for them.

How do they do it? A patented special laser engraving process actually etches your message onto the surface of the rose petals. There is no actual printing taking place nor do the flowers emit any sound... None the less, they speak volumes. This rare bestowal of expression will undoubtedly delight, amaze, warm, sooth and signify what no card or regular bouquet of flowers ever could.

Speaking Roses has created a matchless combination of heartfelt prose and the memorable symbolism of flowers. Best of all, the writing will not fade, fall off or disappear - even after the rose petals have been dried. These roses will be cherished for years to come.

The Language of Flowers


Red = Passion, Romance, Courage, Congratulations

Pink = Appreciation, Caring, Harmony, Perfect Happiness

Orange = Fun, Cheerfulness, Good Luck, Thank You

White = Loyalty, Integrity, Sympathy, Eternal Love

Yellow =Friendship, Happiness, New Beginning, Get Well

Purple = Ambition, Enchantment, Elegancee, Forgiveness

Green = Health, Growth, Prosperity, Success


Red/White = Abiding Love, Unity, Teamwork

Pink/White = Desire of Harmony, Genuine Sympathy

Red/Orange = Good Work, Congratulations, Thanks

Purple/Pink = Great Admiration, Hope for the Future

Purple/White = Reconciliationn, Let's do Better, I'm Sorry

Green/Yellow = Go For It, Make it Happen, Future Success

Orange/Yellow= Fun Friendship,Great Partnership

Rainbow of Colors = Abundancee of Feelings, So Much To Say


1 = You're the one for me

2 = You and I are right together

3 = I love being with you

6 = I want to be yours

12 = You are wonderful

18 = I am so sorry

24 = You light up my life

36 = I cherish our relationship

50 = Thanks for the incredible memories

100 = My love has no bounds

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Patio Heaters

Extending your summer pleasures out into the night and into the fall season is now easy and convenient. Modern Patio Heaters are efficient, quiet and will warm you and your guests with a minimum of fuss. Schaefer Ventilation is an industry leader in the field of outdoor heating. Schaefer Ventilation has been in the commercial ventilation and heating industry for over half a decade. They are dedicated to customer service and define their patio heater products with outstanding quality and innovation.

When restaurant owners had to find separate places to seat smokers, they started buying up outdoor heaters to accommodate seating them outside. This has cansequently lowered heater costs making it affordable for homeowners to enjoy their patios well into the change of seasons.

For patio heaters to perform at their peak shelter from wind is key. Like any radiant heat source (the sun, a fireplace), patio heaters warm solid objects, not the air. In perfect windless conditions these heated surfaces will warm the surrounding air. In a windy setting, when the temperatures are already below comfort level, warmth is taken away from these objects. Most manufacturers attest that a 5-mph breeze will double the heating requirement in any given setting, thereby cutting the effectiveness of the appliance in half.

To maintain maximum efficiency from your patio heater, choose an intimate and comfortable space for your setting. This will help avoid costly heating regimes and allow for hours of warmth. Choosing a space near a wall is ideal as walls will radiate heat back into the space making it warmer. Ideal placement of a patio heater utilizes a combination of walls, fences, and overhead structures. Pay particular attention to stopping the breeze at ground level; because feet get cold first, that's where you'll most appreciate a pocket of still air.

The mushroom (or umbrella) patio heater uses a stainless steel cylinder and bounces heat off an aluminum reflector. In perfect conditions these heaters can produce up to a 20-foot circle of heat. A comfort zone of 12 to 15 feet is obtainable in non-perfect conditions.Mushroom patio heaters are rated between 40,000 and 50,000 BTUs (British Thermal Unit) burning either natural gas or propane. While these heaters are the most powerful in terms of BTU output, much of the heat radiates horizontally therefore remaining above the area you want to heat. This is another reason why placing a patio heater near a wall could be beneficial. However, you must pay close attention to clearances from combustibles. Generally 2 feet from the sides and 18 inches from the top is sufficient.

Dome patio heaters will burn for about 10 hours when using a 5-gallon (20-pound) propane bottle. The mushroom style is available in models that are portable, with a hose hookup to a natural gas stub (a 12-foot hookup hose is the maximum length allowed); as a permanent mount in the ground; and as a suspended overhead fixture, with the radiant cylinder and umbrella sitting on a U-shaped bracket.

Because mushroom patio heaters are very sensitive to wind it is recommended to shut them down in winds that exceed 10 mph. Winds of this speed will steal heat and possibly cause the flame to damage internal components.

Moisture, chlorine air, and salt air can be hard on a patio heater but bugs (believe it or not) are the biggest problem. They climb into the pilot light line and burner orifices and create "nests". Because of this, we strongly recommend purchasing a patio heater cover to keep bugs out when the patio heater is not in use. Reflectors are also susceptible to greasy fingerprints, which will burn into the reflector surface. Cleaning the reflector with alcohol and cotton before firing the heater will prevent such discoloration. Keep inmind that aluminum bends and dents easily, so be careful when moving your patio heater.

Note: It's best to get patio heaters out of the weather when they're not in use.

For two natural gas heaters it costs about $800 to $1,200 in plumbing, plus another $75 to $100 for wiring the igniters (most units use a low-voltage line that's relatively simple to install). Rarely should you add a gas heater line to an existing gas line; the house run is typically calculated for the existing appliances. If you're at your line limit, you may need to run the new heater line back to the meter.

Electric installations require no maintenance; with gas, you'll need to check orifices periodically for bugs.According to a recent survey conducted by the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), 50 percent of homeowners in the U.S. spend more time at home now than they did five years ago. 80 percent of those surveyed thought that it was very important for a home to have a relaxing outdoor room. One of the top items PERC recommends for creating the perfect outdoor room is a patio heater.

Patio heaters are remarkably safe these days and are getting better all the time. Many gas patio heaters come with a piezo electric starter, which eliminates the need for matches and don not require a pilot light. Automatic emergency shut off is pretty much standard, so if the patio heater is ever overturned (or even hit too hard) it will instantly shut itself off.

Free-standing heaters are about 95 inches tall and much more powerful than table-top heaters. Table-top heaters are lighter and smaller and therefore much easier to carry around. They are great for camping. A good example of a table-top heater is the Lil Arctic Sun, which can radiate heat in an 8 foot diameter.

One of the most unique types of portable heaters now available is the Dayva Tiki Torch. This is a small heater attached with a long spike that can stick in the ground or the umbrella hole of a table. The Dayva Tiki Torch heater is perfect for camping or a late-night trip to the beach.

Schaefer Patio Heaters, specifically the Zubri line, are designed as handy portable patio heaters. Light in weight, they feature powerful outdoor heater options and can be converted to table top patio heaters with very little effort. Using simple store-bought propane tanks, Zubri Patio heaters are not only efficient, they are also good looking. If you want to lead the neighborhood or upgrade your restaurant patio heater, look into the Schaefer Ventilation Riveria Electric Patio Heater. Hard-wired into your electrical line, these patio heaters are energy efficient and will add style to any deck, patio or garden.

Sunglo Patio Heaters are the choice of contractors and builders country wide. Utilizing permanent installation, Sunglo commercial and industrial patio heaters can be hooked up to an existing natural gas line and operated year-round. Recommended for resorts, restaurants and other outdoor entertainment areas where evening entertainment is profitable. Our best selling Endless Summer Patio Heaters and Garden Sun Kit Patio heaters are backed by comprehensive warranties and satisfied customers.

Endless Summer patio heaters have durable finishes and advanced operational parts. Whatever your needs are for warming ongoing entertainment outdoors, look to and their extensive line of outstanding high-quality outdoor patio heaters from industry leaders such as Schaefer Ventilation, SunGlo, Endless Summer and Patio Comfort.