Monday, June 26, 2006

CEN RC Racing

CEN Racing Genesis 46 is the Monster of all RC Racing Monster Trucks. Bigger, more powerful, and better engineered with more advanced features than any other RC Racing Monster Truck on the planet. Things like:
  • Dual Front and Rear Disc Brakes - so you can slow down and let the competion look like a competition (otherwise, it would be a turkey shoot!).
  • 3 Speed Automatic transmission with adjustable shifting - so you can tune your truck to individual RC dirt oval racing tracks.
  • Real Oil Reservoir Coil-Over Shocks - you can literally DRIVE RIGHT OVER the competition, just like the Big Boys.
  • Rear Ported, .46 cubic inch Big Block SCREAMING Nitro-Powered Gas Engine.
  • Soon to be available is the Four Wheel Racing Hop Up Steering Kit - so you can out-turn, out-spin and out-maneuver every other RC Racing Monster Truck out there.

CEN Racing makes Champions. The MT2 is the National RC Monster Stadium Truck Champion 2 years in a row. How does CEN make winners? With tough 4 wheel drive super stable chassis, powerful nitro gas engines, and advanced engineering. Pure enthusiasm drives these Remote Control Racing Stadium Trucks and you can be a part of the winners circle.

If you want to rip up sand dunes and other rugged terrain, your gonna need a Nitro Dune Buggy like the new ATX. This is Off Road RC Buggy dune-busting fun! Featuring 4 Wheel Drive, extra long suspension travel and a low profile center of gravity, these nitro dune buggies are a blast to watch. Longer suspension arms and a low center of gravity make it ALL TERRAIN.

Or if you're a fan of RC Rally Racing, the CEN line of 4 wheel drive RC Rally Cars can't be beat. They ain't just copies of real world winners. After all, 2nd place is still behind the champions.

Blazing at speeds up to 72.4 MPH, the CEN CT4S RC Race Car is faster than Schamacher Nitro Fusion 21, faster than Traxxas Nitro 4 Tec, and way faster than the Team Associated Nitro nearly 25 mph faster! Loaded with high tech suspension hardware and reinforced 4 WHEEL DRIVE driveline, the CEN CT4S Remote Control Race car line will romp, stomp and blow away the RC Nitro Racing competition. Put real speed in your hands and drift car racing tricks in the parking lot with any one of the CEN CT4S RC Race Cars. Real power like this, must be CEN Racing!

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