Thursday, May 04, 2006

Speaking Roses

Just in time for Mother's Day - a unique, beautiful, unforgettable gift that says it all, and exactly how you want to say it...with roses!

Speaking Roses Embossed Printed Roses employs a unique Laser System which brings to life powerful communication through the simple beauty of flowers. Using a novel embossing technology, Speaking Roses provides a wonderfully natural way for you to express your feelings more effectively and tenderly than ever before. A plethora of heartfelt messages, in a variety of colors, can be clearly and beautifully embossed upon the petals of living or silk roses.

Speaking Rose's technology is sure have a tremendous impact the floral marketplace as the perfect way to express emotions or to brand a company or event with Logo Roses. This unparalleled gift will forever change the way people give flowers. A dramatic shift in expressing feelings through floral arrangements will enable Speaking Roses Embossed Roses to be the gift of choice for all special occasions.

By combining the capable memory power of the written message with the emotional response of the wonderful scented rose, Speaking Roses has created the ideal gesture to divulge your feelings. Imagine the look on the faces of your loved ones when they open a 1/2 - 2 dozen roses and see that each and every rose has a special personalized message just for them.

How do they do it? A patented special laser engraving process actually etches your message onto the surface of the rose petals. There is no actual printing taking place nor do the flowers emit any sound... None the less, they speak volumes. This rare bestowal of expression will undoubtedly delight, amaze, warm, sooth and signify what no card or regular bouquet of flowers ever could.

Speaking Roses has created a matchless combination of heartfelt prose and the memorable symbolism of flowers. Best of all, the writing will not fade, fall off or disappear - even after the rose petals have been dried. These roses will be cherished for years to come.

The Language of Flowers


Red = Passion, Romance, Courage, Congratulations

Pink = Appreciation, Caring, Harmony, Perfect Happiness

Orange = Fun, Cheerfulness, Good Luck, Thank You

White = Loyalty, Integrity, Sympathy, Eternal Love

Yellow =Friendship, Happiness, New Beginning, Get Well

Purple = Ambition, Enchantment, Elegancee, Forgiveness

Green = Health, Growth, Prosperity, Success


Red/White = Abiding Love, Unity, Teamwork

Pink/White = Desire of Harmony, Genuine Sympathy

Red/Orange = Good Work, Congratulations, Thanks

Purple/Pink = Great Admiration, Hope for the Future

Purple/White = Reconciliationn, Let's do Better, I'm Sorry

Green/Yellow = Go For It, Make it Happen, Future Success

Orange/Yellow= Fun Friendship,Great Partnership

Rainbow of Colors = Abundancee of Feelings, So Much To Say


1 = You're the one for me

2 = You and I are right together

3 = I love being with you

6 = I want to be yours

12 = You are wonderful

18 = I am so sorry

24 = You light up my life

36 = I cherish our relationship

50 = Thanks for the incredible memories

100 = My love has no bounds

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