Monday, February 27, 2006

The Aerobed Revolution

Aero has revolutionalized the concept of the extra bed. The days of sleeper sofas (with their inevitable spring in the back comfort) and sleeping bag on the floor situations are over. No more waking up feeling as though you just lost your first cage fight. No more my friends! NO MORE!!! Aero has taken an intense interest in the comfort of the overnight guest (and those of us frequently banished to the couch). Let me tell you - guests everywhere are cheering their hoorahs. Aero has long been the leading manufacturer of inflatable beds. They are known for their comfort, durability, and space saving convenience. To top it off they are AFFORDABLE!!! Price ranges at are $99.99 for a Classic Twin to $271.99 for a King sized Premier Dual Zone. The dual zone allows each bed partner to customize the firmness of their half of the bed.

  • All Aerobeds are electronically welded at the seams; providing unparalleled strength. The Aerobed will remain inflated throughout the entire night! Eureka!
  • All Aerobeds are made with Quadra Coil® inner construction which prevents bowing or swaying.
  • All Aerobeds are made with a minimum of 18 gauge PVC; providing unequalled durability. (select beds are made of a stronger 16 gauge PVC)
  • All Aerobeds can be stored in their convenient carry bags occupying minimal space. (Beds can be rolled up to the size of an average sleeping bag.)
  • All Aerobeds come with a pump. Home models feature built in pumps that plug in, Traveling models come with a rechargeable NiCad pump. My personal favorite, the All Terrain, comes with a versatile pump that can be plugged in to any standard wall socket, a car lighter port, or be used as a rechargeable pump.
  • All Aerobeds come with a full 1 year warranty.

There are many models to choose from, so everyone can find the perfect extra bed for their needs. There are Raised models that are great for those with knee and back problems that make getting up and down from the floor difficult. There are models with the ever popular memory foam, as is pictured in this blog. There are models with the patented IntelliWarmth. (This bed features a smart controller with six temperature settings!) There are models for campers and travelers. There are models with sleeping bags attached...there are even models designed specifically for toddlers!!!

I have the All Terrain Aerobed in my closet at home. It has been used often, and has been a revolutionary addition to my overnight guest’s well being, as well as my own. In fact, I take it with me in all of my travels now because I find it more comfortable then a hotel bed. Admittedly, I am a bit of a "Princess and the Pea" kind of gal, and I find absolutely no peas when sleeping on my Aerobed. Just peace, my friends. Just peace.

Wake up rested. Wake up refreshed. Wake up on an Aerobed!!! is the authority on Aerobeds, and many other items that make life more comfortable. Order one today!