Thursday, June 22, 2006

AeroGarden Aeroponic Indoor Garden

The AeroGarden by AeroGrow uses new high tech improvements in hydroponic gardening to grow plants five to ten times faster than soil gardening for amazing harvests in very little time. Unlike classic hydroponics gardening systems where plant roots are submerged in water, aeroponics systems use the plant's ability to take in oxygen through the roots. The plants are suspended in a 100% humid, "rainforest" environment where they are regularly bathed in a nutrient solution, resulting in accelerated plant growth.

AeroGrow International's indoor container garden is controlled by a microprocessor that monitors and delivers water, nutrients and light according to each specific seed kit. Lights on the Smart Garden control panel blink when water or nutrients need to be added. Full spectrum grow lights (2 light bulbs included) provide all the light needed for optimal plant growth. Engineered exclusively for indoor gardening, the efficient grow light bulbs use less energy than a sixty watt light bulb.

Bio-dome seed pods, or mini-greenhouses, encapsulate each seed for faster, healthier germination. The smart garden bio-dome regulates nutrients, oxygen and water delivery to the seeds as they grow. Simply ppen the seed kit and place the seed pods into their assigned slots on the AeroGarden grow surface. Make sure the label is facing forward and press each pod in place firmly. No Green Thumbs required!

Time released aeroponic nutrients deliver a balanced blend of 85 macro and micro nutrients for optimal plant growth. Aero Grow's patent-pending pH balancing system automatically adjusts any water system's pH. Drop in a tablet when the AeroGarden Smart Garden Control Panel reminds you - about every two weeks.

Use the nutrient tablets that came with the seed kit. AeroGrow nutrient tablets are specially formulated for each seed kit. Using a different seed kit's nutrient tablets may harm the plants you are trying to grow and result in less than optimal flavor and growth.

Nutrient tablets consist mainly of mineral salts and provide the 13 micro and macro nutrients that all plants require in the right proportians for growing Gourmet Herbs in a container garden. The tablets also contain seaweed for 70 additional micro nutrients, a pH balancing tap water buffer and a binder to hold the tablet together.

The AeroGarden home and kitchen garden with Salad Greens Seed Kit has everything needed to quickly produce AeroGrow's exclusive blend of Green Summer Crisp, Red Leaf and Red Butterhead lettuce. Begin harvesting in only three weeks and continue harvesting for about two and a half more months.

Other Seed Kit choices include:

The International Basil kit provides a mix of seven aromatic varieties of basil: Lemon, Thai, Napolitano, Marseilles (French), Genovese (Italian), Globe and Red Rubin. Begin harvesting basil in about four weeks and continue to produce for four to six months.

THe Cherry Tomato kit provides two Red Heirloom and one Golden Harvest cherry tomato plants. Flowers bloom in 30 days, tomatoes appear in six weeks. Harvesting begins in about 10 weeks.

The Gourmet Herbs kit provides a festive variety of colorful herbs: Cilantro, Chives, Italian Basil, Red Rubin Basil, Dill, Mint and Parsley. Begin harvesting in about five weeks and continue to produce for four to six months.

The Chili Peppers kit provide 3 varieties of miniature peppers: Mini Jalapeno (a Hispanic cooking favorite), Purple Super Hot (for color and punch) and Red Fire (great for Asian dishes).
Begin harvesting in about 12 weeks and continue to produce for four to six months.

The Cascading Petunia kit provides a multi-colored array of delightful Petunias. Flowers begin blooming in just thirty days and continue to produce big, colorful blooms for up to six months.

At AeroGrow International, Inc. it's all about the food and making it as fresh, nutritious and tasty as possible. Imagine cooking with fresh herbs grown on your counter with no pesticides, herbicides GMOs or soil contaminants. Yum!

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