Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Heated Towel Warmers

The idea of a warm towel when stepping out of the bath is more and more appealing to homeowners. Why not treat yourself to this luxury? Today's manufacturers of Towel Warmers offer a broad selection to match any decor or taste. You can choose between an electric or hydronic (water warmed) heating systems as well as a wonderful variety of finishes including brass, chrome, nickel, satin nickel or powder coated colors.

Generally, electric towel warmer racks are easier to install and are recommended for older homes. It is relatively easy to install a hard-wired towel warmer with the proper tools although an electrician is recommended. Most of the Warmrails towel warmers are simple plug-in models. Hang them and plug them in - viola! You are on your way to warm towels! Because Warmrails operate at energy saving levels, they are intended to be left on 24 hours (unless you are gone for an extended period of time). This not only offers you the comfort of a warm towel, but also helps in reducing mold spores and dampness found in poorly ventillated bathrooms.

If you own a home or are building a new home that utilizes radiant heating, or you own a built-in Jacuzzi or spa and are planning a remodel, hydronic tower warming racks and rails are recommended. Hydronic towel warmers are connected to the main hot water heating system in your home, so ou will have an almost constant heat source warming or drying your towels. Most hydronic towel warmers are wall or floor mounted so they can be hooked up to your home plumbing. With a special pump and a separate heating tube system, hydronic towel heaters can be set to be used even during the warmer seasons.

Electric towel warmers can be purchased as hard-wired models that are built into the bathrooms electrical system and can accommodate timers that pre-heat your towels according to your personal bath schedule. If you want to avoid the hassles associated with accommodating a hard-wired electric towel warmer, you have the opportunity to select a free-standing towel warmer rack that is ideal for apartments or outdoor pool or Jacuzzi situations. It is not recommended to install or store an indoor towel warmer outdoors as weather and outddor conditions will damage them. There are specially made Robe and Towel Warmers for outdoor use.

With a great variety of towel warmers to choose from you can find one to fit almost any budget. WarmRails provides affordable yet classy Towel Warmers and Racks that will satisfy the tightest of budgets. You can step up the ladder and select your choice of a hydronic or electric high-end WarmaTowel Heated Towel Warmers and Racks from the Sussman Lifestyle Group. If you really like to self indulge, treat yourself to the Wesaunard Hand made Heated Towel Warmers and Racks that are truly modern works of art and are imported from England.

Heated towel warmers make great accessories for massage therapy, salons and spas. Nothing is more satisfying for a client than to be treated to a warm towel while receiving a relaxing massage, facial or other form of pampering. Heated towel warmer racks, bars and rails are quite popular in high-end hotels, casinos, and resorts worldwide.

Towel warmers will keep your towels warm and dry, reduce dampness and mildew in poorly ventillated bathrooms, Dries pool towels and bathing suits which saves on dryer wear and tear (not to mention energy costs), dryes winter clothes, perfect for drying delicates such as hand washables and sweaters, warms baby blankets etc...

Note: The secret to getting a really warm towel is layering. Fold your towel in half at least once, and cover it with another towel. The second towel traps in the heat making your towel warm and snuggly.

Note: Your towel will never feel as though it just came out of the dryer. To gain temperatures of that magnatude, you would risk scorching your towel and bruning your hands!

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